Retirement Finances Christmas, parties or Birthday Presents

Donations to Charity Surprisingly, it is the people who have the least money who give the most to charity.

Payments to Relatives Even when you retire, there may still be older or younger relatives for whom you take some financial responsibility.

Pocket Money It is important that you do have some allowance for the things you don't want to tell anyone about.

Cutting it Down

When you have done your 'before' and 'after' expenses list, go through it deciding what is really necessary and what is not. Remember that hobbies and care of yourself are not luxuries. Doing without everything except food, drink and warmth is not a sensible way to economize unless you are absolutely forced to do so.

If you live alone, it is especially important to provide for the cost of activities which help you meet people. And if you have a partner, there must be even more fairness and openness between you when your income is lower.

Retirement Budgeting - read on

Retirement Finances Income and money coming in

It is useful to do a 'before' and 'after' calculation for your income as well as your expenditure. The income list always looks a lot shorter than the expenditure list. But there may well be new opportunities to earn or make extra money.
Wages or Salary Remember to use the net figure. You may find you keep much more of modest earnings after retirement than higher earnings before (see Chapters 9 and 6).
Part-time Work Make sure that you do not lose your pension or social security benefits and that you pay no National Insurance .
Investments If you have money to invest, make sure that some of it is invested where tax is not it deducted at source and some where you can get at it quickly . . . . ... see: Retirement Finances Income and money coming in