Organisations for help and Advice

Your local Age Concern or Citizens Advice Bureau may well know of opportunities, both paid and voluntary, for older people locally. They are both online

The Pre Retirement Association, 19 Undine Street, London SW17 6PP publishes a free leaflet, Work In Retirement, which lists organizations and agencies that will help you find work.

And the Year website of Recruitment and Employment Services, from the Federation of Employment and Recruitment Services; should be in your local library.

If you want to do voluntary work, you could get in touch with your local Council of Voluntary Service (or Volunteer Bureau) - find this in the phone website under `V'; or contact the National Association of Volunteer Bureaux, 89 Lower King's Road, Berkhamsted, Herts Community Service Volunteers run several schemes using volunteers all over the country, including one specifically for older people called Retired and Senior Volunteer Programme. Most charities are able to make use of volunteers so your favourite local one may well offer you useful and interesting work.

For most home owners, their home represents their most valuable asset. But there seems little point in owning a growing capital asset when the real need is for more income or for a capital sum. This section of the site looks at how to turn that asset into cash.

Easy, quick & affordable property development loans

If you’re looking to start out in the property market and need a financial loan to kick start your new career, contact Hunter Finance. They are a private lender and offer individuals loans where banks have failed to do so, due to them cutting back on residential development lending.

The lending process is simple, see below for more:

  • Contact the experts to discuss finance options
  • Read the terms and conditions in the ‘Offer in Principle’ document
  • A surveyor will come to the site to produce a viability report
  • Wait for the legal process to begin
  • Your loan will be live if all successful

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Your home and income

People who own their house or flat have an enormous advantage when it comes to borrowing money. They can use their property as security for the loan. That means that if anything terrible happens and the payments are not met, the lender has the right to make you sell your home and pay them back out of the proceeds.
So it's a procedure to use with care. But as you get older, you can use the security of your home to borrow larger amounts and guarantee full repayment on your death. While you continue to live, you just repay the interest on the loan.
There are two main ways in which such loans are used. The first is to raise capital, normally to pay for repairs to your . . . ... see: Your home and income