Retirement and Budgeting - Food, Drink and Grocery Bills

You will be eating at home more, and you may have more time to cook and save money by avoiding convenience foods or having the likes of Ocado deliver your food. Retirement is a good time to consider your eating habits. Better ones may also be cheaper. Stop ordering online and move to the shops in your high street.

Pet Food: Pets can be wonderful companions and some dogs can be useful protection. It's not a good idea to cut down on pets in retirement.

Alcoholic Drink for Home: Many people find that the absence of work stresses means they drink less and save money.

Cigarettes and Tobacco Why not save money and prolong your life (and your partner's) by giving up?

Eating Out: Yes, it's a luxury. But it's nice. Don't cut it out altogether: save it for those extra.special occasions.

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Retirement and Budgeting - Transport and getting around

Free bus passes are still available for all old age pensioners, but not if David Cameron has his way.
Car Tax The burden of the cost of your car will depend on whether you have been lucky enough in the past to have had it paid by your employer. If retirement is your first experience of paying for your motoring costs yourself, you are in for a shock. Car tax is 100 a year.
Car Insurance Shop around for insurance. You should consult an insurance broker. If you are in a motoring organization, they will probably act as a broker for you. Your age can help between fifty-five and seventy-five. After that, it can be a hindrance.
Car Maintenance You could turn an expense into a hobby. Consult your . . . ... see: Retirement and Budgeting - Transport and getting around