Retirement and Budgeting - Utilities Bills Telephone and Broadband

You will probably find your BT / Virgin etc telephone bill goes up, especially if you have been used to making personal calls from work. Try to avoid weekday daytime telephoning wherever possible, particularly during the peak period of 9am to pm.

Television / broadband / SKY: No rental companies seem to offer discounts to older people. But if you use a rented television and video more, you are getting better value for money! There are no general concessions on TV licences for older people.

Equipment - Service Contracts or HP If you get a lump.sum payment, it may be worthwhile paying off your HP commitments. But you may find that there are penalties in your contract for doing so.

Decoration and Repair Try not to economize too much. Delaying a repair can cost far more in the long run.

Utilities Bills

Try all of the price comparison websites to see if there is a better deal out there! Our favourite is

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Retirement and Budgeting - Food, Drink and Grocery Bills

You will be eating at home more, and you may have more time to cook and save money by avoiding convenience foods or having the likes of Ocado deliver your food. Retirement is a good time to consider your eating habits. Better ones may also be cheaper. Stop ordering online and move to the shops in your high street.
Pet Food: Pets can be wonderful companions and some dogs can be useful protection. It's not a good idea to cut down on pets in retirement.
Alcoholic Drink for Home: Many people find that the absence of work stresses means they drink less and save money.
Cigarettes and Tobacco Why not save money and prolong your life (and your partner's) by giving up?
Eating Out: Yes, it's a luxury. But . . . ... see: Retirement and Budgeting - Food, Drink and Grocery Bills